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Couples Retreat

This retreat will help couples to improve communication, help couples to feel closer and more connected and strengthen trust. 

The retreat will be based on Hold Me Tight - the groundbreaking book written by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Dr. Johnson is the originator of Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT.  Rigorous research has consistently proven the effectiveness of EFT to help couples identify negative patterns, break out of cycles of distress, learn to communicate and strengthen their bond.

WHEN:     June 29-30, 2013
WHERE:   9832 N Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85258.
                   Next to Mountain View Presbyterian Church

COST:       $495 per couple EARLY BIRD

For more information or to register:
Contact Denan Burke at 623-293-2557 or

Space is limited so please reserve your spot now!
First come, first serve basis. 

Additional Information Regarding Relationship Workshop:
We all need acceptance, belonging, comfort and safety with our spouse or life-long partner. 

We want a positive answer to the key questions in love relationships:
“Are you there for me?” “Do I matter to you?” “Am I enough?”

Now, thanks to cutting-edge brain research and science, we know what goes wrong in love—and how to put it right!

In this groundbreaking couples workshop, your facilitators Denan Burke, LMFT and Rachel Thomas, LMFT will take the mystery out of love and help you secure life-long love.  You will be introduced to breakthrough conversations for couples from Dr. Sue Johnson’s best-selling book, Hold Me Tight.

This relationship workshop will help each couple address their strengths and difficulties in a personalized way and will provide valuable information for you to improve, heal and transform your relationship. 

This couples workshop offers:

Practical Tools – you will have the opportunity to learn new tools and have time to implement them throughout the workshop.

Individualized Feedback - Each couple will have a chance to practice new tools and strategies in private and will receive individualized feedback and support from the facilitators.

Effective Approach – you will be working with a team that has the inside information on what really works to turn marriages around. Creating lasting resolution to problems and issues is at your fingertips with this effective approach to relationship happiness.

You will learn to:
  • Break the cycles of frustration and loneliness in your relationship
  • Make sense of your own and your partner’s emotions
  • Create lasting trust and intimacy
  • Forgive injuries that destroy trust and safety
  • Deepen your erotic connection

During this workshop, you will also have the opportunity to see how other couples in the Hold Me Tight: Conversations for Connection DVD learned to step out of negative cycles and create a lifetime of love

 The book Hold Me Tight, by Dr. Sue Johnson, is the manual for this couples workshop. It is recommended, but not required, that couples read this manual prior to the workshop.
Join us for truly helpful, empirically validated information on love and creating an enduring personal connection.

This program is for educational purposes only.  If you are experiencing intense relationship distress, it is better to find a couple’s therapist in your community.

Women's Meditation Group coming soon...

Positive Discipline Classes will be back in the Fall...

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